Yellow. EVERYWHERE - Me and Maeve in Asia
Today Niamh has discovered that there is a lot of yellow in Singapore. Seriously, everywhere I look there is yellow and a little bit of red. I took this artistic photo of these 3 big fat men all dressed in yellow from head to toe and a stack of yellow chairs. I will put it on the blog once I work out how to do this. The only thing ruining this picture is Cian. Smack bang in the middle.

Singapore is amazing, we are located in little India a pituresque and culturally rich suburb full of upbeat indian music blasting through the streets and lots of little stalls and restaurants full of fish head curry and fake flowers. I just adore it here!!! We've already been to Chinatown for lunch, walked to the highest point of Singapore (which isn't very high)(although I'm sure Maeve will say otherwise; Daddy I don't want to walk") (it's only 164 metres) and explored Little India thoroughly. We also took a trip on the coolest metro in the world it's so high tech and it uses eco friendly tickets!!!! kind of hard to explain.

But yes when I eventually get photos up you will notice EVERYTHING IS YELLOW.

julie :)
10/3/2009 18:19:20

hey noodle :)

aw i weebly miss you :(
sounds like tones of fun in singapore!
hope to hear more from you soon!!!

have a weebly weebly great time :)
love from jewls

orla power
10/8/2009 07:22:27

Hey Niamh.

Delighted to hear tales from Asia
may I compliement you on your writing
style.Keep up the good work and post
some photo
love auntie
P.s Very Autumn like in Ireland today
collected Acorns with Grandma and your ct
twin cousins Ailbhe and
Auntie orla

Holly Howe
10/8/2009 11:43:43

Yes, it's very yellow. Ah, sounds amazing Niamh and one day I hope you will look back and see the inspiration you'll get from all the yellow. Fashion foward: Yellow fat men on the catwalk! Hello!?


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