So we've been here 3 days and it is very clear that the vietnamese eat very differently to us...

Dog is a favourite on the menu, and last night we were given a pot of cooking chicken bits...And I mean bits, you might get some breast or a wing, but you could get a head or an...armpit?

but it is really lovely here  today we paddled around the big lake in a swan paddle boat before going to a rooftop restaurant for icecream!!!!

Yum! The food id good *other than the occasional frog or worm and the people loveley *except for the beeping of motorcycle horns in face.
Tonight we take the overnight train to Sappa, which is a loveley mountain village full of small tribes. Vietnam is really cool, We're having a great time. Today we mainly chilled and discovered that 11 30 to 1 30 is sleep time and EVERYTHING is shut so you can forget doing anything except sleeping or eating.

So so long Hanoi, we will be back very soon (a couple of days) and Mummy will be here too. We are missing her very much and can't wait to see her soon!!

Tutor Group
12/6/2009 11:15:54 am

Hey hey. its tutopr group- last day of the year!!! tomorrow is picnic day! YAYYYYYY!!!!

Noah says "he really misses you. Its not the same without you here. And Cian. He would've won english."

We all miss you!!!!!
i might (manet might) be going to Fiji!!! coolio? yes indeedio.
I need to email you. Ive been meaning to...

no one has kept contact with Gemma which is depressing.

Meta is leaving for MLC. :(:(
Mr Ambrose is also leaving. I told him you will miss him. :)

We are all very jealous of your adventures. We love you!!!!
Byeeee neeboo.

xxxxxx Tutor group (manet)

12/6/2009 11:17:29 am

By the way:
I got an honours award!!! for like... the first time...

I also finished my TAS shorts successfully. arent you proudent?


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