Incase you haven't already guessed this is the name of the first  restaurant we went to in Beijing which as, you already know from the title; is a very flavoursome and "fruity" name for a place which serves very un-flavoursome food. Infact this was the most tasteless dish I have ever eaten. A not so un-identifiable broth of... water? (thats what it tasted like) with some noodles floating in it and shredded chicken which they had managed to take out all the flavour of as well. The noodles, soup and chiken al tasted like... well nothing. Not as in "I've tasted nothing like this before" but as in breath in some air now and taste the sweet taste of USA California Beef Noodle King Restaurant's Chicken noodle soup.

How odd...

Some flavourless noodles later I was in my lovely backstreet hostel passed out on the bed after a long long train ride and early morning start. The rest of the day was spent adjusting to the cold and resting and settling in and also walking around the immediate area and getting a feel for the place while eating "Emperors balls" as we fondly call the chinese puff pastries. In the evening we went to see the Chinese acrobatics. This is one of the best performances I've ever seen in my life and easily the best acrobatic performance. Its hard to describe the magnifigence but it never lkagged on with brilliant costumes thrilling jumps splits and throws weird and wonderful acts of strength, endurance, dance and flexibility. So the day could really be summed up in a noodle; simple and full of flexibility.

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