Hello everyone,
I am so sorry I have not written for so long on the blog and wil try to make up for it a bit now.

So far we have experienced 3 different sides of Japan;

-Urban crazy Tokyo
-Seaside fishermans town life
-and Rural countryside.

-the other side that we have slightly seen but not fully is the traditional culture of Japan but this will most likeley be found in Kyoto.

Right now I am in Tokyo in a traditional Ryokan. Which is the beautiful old style hotel where your room is tatami mats and low tables with loveley tea sets on them, everynight maids come and set up futon beds and there are big hot communal baths for relaxing and bathing in and may I say I adore it. Right now I am wearing my Yukata (light kimono style gown) and slippers and tyhinking about going to the onsen after a busy shopping day in harajuku and looking at millions of fish in the Fish markets.

YEsterday naanny arrived in Japan and we introduced her to some of the crazy youth with a visist to the infamous & seedy Shinjuku. We spent a peaceful afternoon walking around in neon lights and watching crazy girls walk by.

I LOVE Tokyo. The people are so kindand are all so well dressed. They all make a statement with what they wear  and how they hold themselves. The neon lights and colourful signs that you here avbout are real they are flashing and kitsch music blassts  through the busier streets.

Today we went to the famous fish markets of tokyo where you could be run over at anyseciond and the amount of fish/oysters/shells/sea slugs/anchovies/prawns/caviar/all other undescribable seafood is unbelieveable. imean seriously, no wonder the oceansd are being fished out....

Our first week in Japan was spent trauling the streets of Harajuku (my favourite place) looking at the oh so gfammous Ginza and generrally sucking up the city atmosphere not to mention the food, and our 4 day trip to the fishermans town of Shimoda and rural adventure in the most amazing old barn guest hoiuse. This place was all tahtched roof ancient plaster and tatami mats, ancient baths and fire places in the middle of farmers fields filled of oranges and liquid amber of the most astonishing red. It was so beautiful....

Today we also went to Harajuku again,

The first trip got me a handbeaded cardigan (vintage) for $12, pink coat (vintage) for $6 and a crap load of Pocky biscuits....(look it up opn you tube or google it) this time we got frilly shorts, and a crazy vintage vest covered in cats....

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