It NEVER rains in Vietnam (except in wet season) but not in the dry season. Yet today, it did.

So after our first blissful sleep in in AGES I woke up to find myself with the sniffles and sneezeys but otherwise in high spirits. After a miserable attempt at a bath which ended up being cold and raining we had breakfast where Dad told us the days plan, a cycling trip to a beach about 14km away. Looking around us we looked a tad doubtful due to the rather dribbly grey weather but it wasn't raining so we shrugged and agreed and went to the bike rental.

Thank goodness dad made us bring rain coats because very very soon after we started it started to pour and pour and pour. I already had a cold so I spent the trip sneezing and coughing with rain and snot dripping from my face (gross but true). Other than being completely soaked though it was really fun and interesting. The beach was lovely though we didn't stay long because of the weather and the journey was fabulous.

I would like to take this moment to tell you all that it has been 10 days since I've bitten my nails!!! This is a HUGE achievement for me and they are the longest they have been EVER in my whole life. I hope to NEVER bite my nails again as my new years and new life resolution...

It is also 10 days till Maeve Dad and Cian are back in Sydney. Mum and I have a different flight which will take us 12 hours or so longer but its okay because Mum will probably spoil us without all the others there!

In other news a couple of days ago we went to Raffles for high tea! It was a bit spiffy in an old colonial hotel. We had the high tea in the conservatory which was like a old fashioned glass room and the food was delicious. Afterward we went to "The Elephant Bar" which was also very cool. It was an ecclectic room with big paintings of elephants on the walls beautiful elephant themed cushions and elephant heads on the walls. The whole thing was very special and really amazing...

So goodbye from rainy Vietnam...
Tomorrow we leave Hue for Hoian which is famous for food, tailors and shoe makers!!!

I am very excited but a bit sad as it will be our last stop on the trip:(

See you later,

Happy holidays,

Auntie Linda

Happy New Year Niamh! Poor Niamh-ey - It sounds like you have had a few illnesses on your adventures! I love reading your blogs!
You are all so good at
transporting us to the exotic
worlds you are experiencing!
I just loved the photo's of you and Maeve as Geisha's in particular!
I would have loved to have joined you for Afternoon Tea in Raffles!!!!
I have asked your Mammy to give you all 30 Aussie Dollars spending money as a Christmas Present from me to get something small for yourselves in Vietnam....Hope you are spoiled on your trip back with your Mammy! Thank you so much for your letter from Laos. Love you all lots and lots, Auntie Linda xxxx

Auntie Linda

P.S Well done on your successful nail
biting abstaining!


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