So if anyone is wondering I am still here in Vietnam with Mummy, Daddy, Maeve and Cian. 

We just returned from a cruise in Halong Bay which was fabulous. After a long and rather awkward bus ride with a couple of ausrtalians we arrived in Halong Bay. It's going to be really hard to sum up what a great time we had...

Arriving on the boat we met our familiars, the people who would also be cruising around Halong Bay.  There was Jess and Nikki, The McSweeneys and The Pearson's. From Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne...

It may have started slightly awkwardly but it was really very fun, in the end we were like best friends. we jumped on the boat and ran to our rooms. Mum had their own king size with ensuite and Maeve Cian and I were given to double bedrooms with ensuites that had a little door in  between the rooms. We spent a little bit fighting over who got a room to themselves and settled for Scissor Paper Rock (which I won). So I had my own room with a big bathroom and huge bed.

After a day of adventuring through a huge cave and pussy pathetic Kayak we returned to the boat for a sunset party before dinner. With Cinderella mocktails in hand we entered the party and got to know everyone and it was very good but the fun didn't really start till karaoke after dinner.

The challenge was set by the mcSweeneys who said that their table could beat ours at karaoke. we sat quiet but smu knowing that surprise would be the way to victory... They started with a silly song about gambling in which we snuck away to change into our costumes...
no one would know what hit them. Dad was first up with a hilarious rendition of "White Wedding" dance moves included and it was good, really good but not quite as good as th galea threes Video kill The radio star performed by Me and maeve, Cian doing lead. of course the croud was blown away and continued to be astounded through material girls performed with Jess who was on the other team and then.... well we did so many songs its hard to remember but I do know they admited defest.

The next day was mainly about nearly dying under the care of Nikki and jess who our kayak was attached to becouse Me and Maeve couldn't keep up with the group. As we exited the pith black cave that Nikki and jess had been paddling recklessly through Jess turned arounf andsaid "it was really dark in there" we look at to see that she is wearing sunglasses....In a pitch black cave! Nuh Duh...

But back to Me and Maeve. I was breaking down while maeve screamed at me because we were at least 5oom behind everyone else. Whoever decided to put us together (the two weakest members) was absoluteley bonkers so when we FINALLY caught up jess ands Nikki attached us to their Kayak.


This is a really long post...
Yet I haven't really talked at all about halong bay I haven't really done it justice.  Mums back so this is really great and today we take a plane to Laos. The post is called "The last Day in Vietnam" but really its the last day in Hanoi because in two weeks we will be back to Vietnam for the last 2 weeks of our trip. I really like Hanoi. some say its aan acquired taste but like alot of things its a taste that I really like...

So goodbye hanoi! Goodbye Vietnam!

for now....

We will be back (soon)

12/17/2009 02:25:54 pm

sorry I haven't checked your blog in a while, and I seem to have missed alot!

that's so funny how you had a kareokey (bad spelling) battle!!!

I can so imagine everything you are saying
I can't even start to picture what type of experience this is

I sounds wonderfully amazing and I am so unbelievably jeolous I can't describe it.

keep having fun
xoxox love bella


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