You know those days when you feel just a bit thing? Kind of down in the dumps and tired?

Well, yesterday I had one of those days. Maybe it was because we were stalked by various chinese "students" or everyone was looking at us funny because we were
1. White
2. Posessing three children
3. Motherless (mum is in Australia because she has to work)
You should see some of the horrible glares we got and there were people sneaking up behind us and taking pictures of us... Very very odd. But in any ase we kept walking through Tennaman square no matter how many people stuck plastic objects in our face or tried to get us to ride on a rickshaw.

Once we got into the forbidden city it was a lot more peaceful yet, I wasn't really very impressed. Yes it was very fancy and beautiful and royal but I just felt it didn't really live up to all the raps it gets. We spent the whole day there, looking at the "temple of heavenly love" and "room of eternal peace" and "palace of living kindness" (The names were hilarious)

Later we went to various pretty parks before getting a cab to somewhere we could have dinner. Did I mention that I had a really tasty dumpling for breakfast? Or that I didn't get any lunch?

Maybe that is why I was so grumpy....

But dinner really did cheer me up because the foos was DELISH!!!!

We had the famous Pecking Duck and yummy beans and lots of nice food. Afterward with full stomachs we walked along the "zoo street" which is basically a street full of people selling satay sticks with ANYTHING  and EVERYTHING on it  seriously, you could get sorpions on a stick, sheep penis on a stick, snake on a stick, seahorse on a stick, starfish or tofffee srawberries and apples!!!! Yummy yummy yummy yummy yum. (not the sheep penis and co. the toffee...)

Tonight we are eating there which will be interesting, but for now I am happy with the breakfast I am just about to eat- Rice porridge and pork buns.....

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