All Things Round: My new glasses and the Shanghai Tower...-I can't get the photo to rotate-
Everywhere I go in Shanghai everyone is going on about The BUND, which they say with aw and appreciation. Before I was going "whats the Bund?" but today I went to the Big B. It could be described as the city center, but what you'd really call it I'm not sure...

OKAY its not that fabulous, especially since it's going under a 53 billion dollar facelift and is covered in scaffolding but we had a good day anyway.
We started off at a small obscure park full of meditaters and ThaiChi do-ers. Before taking a walk to the Dainto Lu antique market, which is pretty famous and GREAT!!!!
Most of the stuff is reproduction but it's all pretty cool and I walked out with some great antique round rimmed glasses and a spherical glass pocketwatch. Which makes me happy...
Then we headed down some hectic backstreets to another nice park which had a super strict police officer who blew his whistle till his face was red and screamed when anyone walked on the beautiful lush green grass, I could have sworn he was about to kill the little wondering toddlers. A short break was what we needed to prepare us for the Big B.

The Bund.

The afternoon took us to the Big B where we tried to glimpse the (supposedly) amazing river -under renovation-, had a really Bizarre tunnel travel which was pathetic and hilarious, travelled to the 54th floor for lunch (no go) then down 55 floors for lunch (no go), settled for Starbucks and watched the grey smoggy sky and city lights....

Now let me explain this tunnel which took you under the river and to the other side.
It was quite long and made to look like a really bad rollercoaster with a loudspeaker saying things like "meteor shower" and "assault underwater"
it was lame, hilarious and ridiculous. The weirdest thing I've ever experienced.

So Shanghai is going well and so is The Bund.

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