Another early morning, a cup of Jasmine tea, 1 pork bun and an hour long bus ride took us to the Great Wall of China. Then we had to get a chairlift up and up and up and up until we finally found ourselves oohing and aahing as we peered over at where the Mongolians would have helplessly stood thousands of years ago. But it was only as we strated walking along the wall that I really started to enjoy myself. It is reallyt hard to get you head around how big and long this wall really is until you have walked along it and seen it dissapear into the distance up onto some nameless mountain. It was really cold and snowy!!! so we took our time but the climbing up steep steep steps and exploring of small passegways in the various towers gets you warm quickly. The great wall of China is beautiful like a long dragon slithering up and down the mountains guarding its country from attack. This is why I have renamed it The absolutely fantastic, completeley wonderful and awe inspiringly superb wall of China. This name is very fitting because a) its very long and b) it has a lot of big happy appreciative adjectives in it. What was also great was our method of transport back down the mountainside and away from the wall: Tabbogoning!!!!!

Which is basically sliding down a raelly long windy slide in a go cart style sled which you can control the speed of. While Maeve and Cian went down at a fast but comfortable pase I sped down like a crazy loony on to much helium. This made Cian really mad especially when I crashed into him going 100 miles an hour....oops. The rest of the day wasn't quite so thrilling with Jade shops (I mean, "museums") Silk shops (I mean, "museum") and an emperors tomb which was beautiful and like a 27metres-below-the-ground-palace.

Oh, you might like to know that Nanny didn't come down in a go-cart, (but don't worry, she came down...)

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