We went to a place where you could snorkel, look at fish and feed sharks the icky lunch provided. It was amazing and beautiful but I had one problem with it. The journey made me turn green. An early morning bus ride, a rocky ferry trip= niamh sick. I wore my armbands but I also ate chocolate, read and played on the ipod touch... The fish we saw were huge, the sharks small, the coral ugly but the marine life living there beautiful. Still it didn't take long to vomit away the whole experience. Only a sidetrip to a scubadiving site where the water made me sicker than the boat journey there...

thats not good niamh!
manet had to have motion sickness tablets even when she was in motion on language camp - which, by the way, we returned from today. we all missed you there - we did ITALVISION which I know you would have enjoyed.

unfortunatelly, we came 5th, which is a shame, but all well!

Jesse Galea

Hey Niamh,
The old sea sick trip. I laughed when you mentioned all the things not to do before going on trip. I hope you are having good time. Im sending this from your home, we re having a going away dinner for nanny;). well i hope to see you soon.


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