So we are now in Borneo, we're staying in a great little hostel with a funny smell and a laidback attitude.

Upstairs is like a maze, narrow hallways twist around with plenty of doors along them. Downstairs is casual with a long room with bamboo floors and low tables surrounded by lots and lots of cushions. We went and saw the Orangutans the other day, they are so beautiful with there elegant swings and clever method of transport. They climb to the very to of tall thin trees and lean there weight into the direction they would like to travel. The tree bends and brings them to the next tree. There was a really really big one who was eating and all the other Orangutans weren't allowed to eat because he was the mucho man and so they just hung on trees waiting for a turn. The babies are so adorable, they are shy and small and clingy. The one i liked the most though was Sujuku...
She was the grandmother, the old wise lady who knew a thing or two about being orangutan. She was a real queen bee.

Then we went to the cultural village, Which was a place full of examples of different huts and tribal lifestyles. After this we were all hot and sweaty and looking for something fun to do, luckily dad had the perfect solution...

Resort 1: The sneaky resort
So around the corner from this cultural village there was this really fancy resort which had a beautiful pool and luxurious toilets and towels and deck chairs and lots of rich white people in bad bikinis. Of course not staying at this hotel we weren't allowed in nor were we allowed to swim in there pool. Of course dad didn't care about these petty rules and told us to walk in like we owned the place and (being a family of actors) we did exceptionally. And we had our swim. And a laugh. And a drink at the underwater bar. And a sunbake. And a strut. And we had a really good time feeling cheeky and relaxed.

Resort 2: The wannabee yoga resort
So this time we were actually staying at the resort. We aren't cheapos all the time. It took a crowded taxi drive and an hour and a half bus trip and another taxi drive to get to but we did and it was beautiful. We stayed in this cute little beach shack overlooking the beach which we swam in frequently and a lovely restaurant which served a mean fried rice. On the first day here we decided to take a stroll along the beach to the town which was about a 3km walk from the resort. After this nice walk we met Shiba. Shiba is Maeves alter ego Yoga Teacher who gave us a fantasticly spiritual yoga lesson at sunset and private lessons at sunrise. She was very good she did all different poses with us and worked on our different strengths and weaknesses. Now we are back in our cosy hostel, I'm "blogging", Maeve and Cian are playing spit, Dad is sleeping and Mum is drinking a beer. Tommorrow the weekend markets are on, me and Maeve have our eyes on a certain traditional collar and all I can say is

Fashion Forward.
10/9/2009 15:25:59

hey niamh!
it sounds heaps fun over there!
the funniest bit is at the end when you say what everyone's doing....

'cause it's usually me who's having a sleep, dad who's having a beer, mum being all cool on her e-mail and... maxime playing spit with.... himself usually... actually no he verses himself in chess......... it's actually really funny...
anyway I'm blabbering :)
(for a change)

weebly missing you
(you no you love me... hehehe...)

Holly Howe
10/11/2009 14:01:23

Well well well,
It does sound like the sun has gotten to you.
Deary me, we are in trouble.

Okay, It sounded better in my head because I was doing the accent of the cleaner dude in Harry Potter. How funny!
Weather: Grey, got pretty sunny for a while
Gossip: La makes more moves on to "unavailable" annie. Yes indeed, I know what is happening.

Me and Man Man are off to Hawks Nest for a week. It'll be fun, and a battle to stay alive...
I wanna go,
to Borneo,
I wanna go,
To Borneo.
Chant chant chant, chant chant chant.
It's a pretty cool chant eh Niamh? You should sing it when your hanging around the pool (which by the way, that story sounds like the funniest thing ever!) or cuddling your Granny Orangatang.
I am sooo happy that your enjoying your trip Niamh! It sounds AMAZING and yet again, once in a life time chance. But indeed, in the future of globilisation, is a prize to go to the moon....
well, little insight of what is happening over here is down under.
One more thing,
just because this doesn't make sense, doesn't mean I am uniterested, infact, it's opposite, I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!

10/11/2009 18:43:48

omg, this is soo cool. Now i can keep up to date and you don't have to always email me...
This sounds all soooooo exiting, unlike my boring holidays stuck in rainy Sydney.
Well, bye,
i miss u heaps by the way,
ps. by the way, i just tryed to submit this and it told me i had too many exclamation points, so i cant submit it. hehehe, how weird is that?

10/13/2009 16:24:12

Hey Niamh!
omg!!!! I am sooooo jelous! your trip so far sounds like it has been amazing! hahaha, I love the fact that you and your family aren't afraid to break the rules!!! gah, you aren't missing out on much here except for the fact that we are all missing you soooo much!!!!
lots and lots of love
from Hanni :)
ps. There would be more exclamation marks in this but the same thing happened to me as Beattie :(
(Just imagine more exclamation marks, EVERYWHERE!). stupid computer.

10/16/2009 14:42:33

Hello everyonje. Hamburgalar here, trying to steal views from Niamh's site. ;]
So please check out www.niceonecian.weebly.com and tell my friends about it, because I'm getting no hits from them ;[
See ya,

10/19/2009 18:24:35

hey Niamh! I so wish I had a grandma orangutan friend!

It's only the second day back at school and already I am missing you terribly...
and so is everybody else... but mainly me... nah! EVERYONE is a bit lost and there's no-one to call mother, except when Beattie goes all sunscreen maniac on us!!!
I really, really, really miss you!
I know it's sad but I already got you a welcome back gift! but It's a surprise so I wont tell you what it is...

Anyway, am loving the blog (now that I have finally learnt how to spell!) and make sure you tell us EVERYTHING!! Except, maybe leave out the boring bits like when you went to the toilet and stuff.

MUCH love from your little sydney friends (not the orangutans)

Love Bella


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