Niamh Day!!! Frilly tutu shorts, Hiromi Sato and Lots of Blythe dolls.... - Me and Maeve in Asia
Yesterday started with a big sleep in and aimlessly wondering around the hotel, lots of green tea and relaxation. After our huge day the day before (12 hours of non-stop walking) we really needed a rest.


Niamh went shopping!!!!!!!!!!

After a fair bit of pestering, Dad finally agreed to take me to Hiromi Sato`s gallery.We stopped off at Harajuku on the way which we`ve been to before but I really wanted to visit before we left Tokyo. Dad grumbled and frowned as I wondered from shop to shop grinning from ear to ear. In the end I left harajuku with a pair of very harajuku shorts coverred in frilly tulle and some printed rose stockings. Then we hopped on the metro and took the train to Shibuya to see the gallery...

The gallery was amazing and wasnt really a gallery at all but a shop filled with beautifully groomed Blythe dolls. I need to go now to catch a train to Kyoto...Tokyo has been great and I`ll write about it and my adventure to the gallery when I get there....

11/16/2009 15:27:17

Holy moly!
miss cantafio says "TELL HER I SAID HI!!!!" hahaha.

i cant believe you went to a hiromi sato thingy. thats amazing!!! I read the geisha one too- you look amazing. I am so jealous. I tried wearing a corsette, they are PAINFULL! but in the end, its worth it... even if you can breath. hahahaha, im kidding.

I keep saying "If only niamh was here!!!" coz we were doing fashion shows in italian with miss cantafio. she treats us like babies. I did a famlingo costume just to pretend you were there hahahaha. my lion costume was pretty cool though.

if you are still in japan by the time you read this, look for the socks with the faces on them....


Hope you continue having such a fun time.
my god you've done things that will take me around 60 years to do.
you inspire me niamh and co.
hahaha and co.

love you!!!

11/18/2009 14:42:08

Hellooo!! Everything sounds very Niamh-ish I found one of your drawings in my Italian book today (don't ask me How it got there) and it made me rather sad...

I just read manets comment and I didn't realise those Geishas were you!!! How amazingly amazingly amazingly different and beautiful you both looked!! I can't even imagine what it is like over there!!

Oh, was that place you went to really called Shibuya? as in Hanako Howard-Shibuya??? very cool...

Have fun,

xxoxoxoxox love bella


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