I sit here in pod 3... On my last day of school for the year. I am feeling quite nomadic; the library is closed because of the year 12 farewell, I went to my locker and I was shunned away by Manet; which made me rather curious. So here I sit... Typing away feeling kind of sad, kind of excited, not weebly believing that this is my last day of year eight. A ,mean teacher just came and is yelling at me because I'm not actually allowed to be here. If I don't log off now she'll give me a detention

hang on.... I can't get  a detention!!!!!!!!!!!

All the same, I better get off because, because...

well bye!!!

back to being a nomad...
10/2/2009 12:35:37

Hey Niamh! I am so excited for you!
While you are gone i will be keeping you up to date with the gossip (ha! works both ways) and weather. But I will also be giving you my thoughts of the day. I hope you love it all, and I hope you enjoy the land of spices, noodles and paper fans!
Love Holly Dolly Lolly Polly.

10/2/2009 17:42:27

Wow, go to hand it to you Niamh - the website looks really professional.

I'm trying to force myself to study... but argh, obviously, it's not working. So my thoughts were revolving around meaningless days and no point to go on, and whatnot when you popped up! Wait, uh, not that you're pointless NO! I mean, your exciting trip to Asia - that's why you popped up. Anyway, the main point of this stuttering is that I'll miss you and an also key point is that - you have done great things with this website!

Us Facebook haters must stick together right?
Eat a lot of sticky rice for me


10/2/2009 17:44:55

updates on the weather? Holly?

never saw that coming.

10/3/2009 12:04:07

Niamh, your trip sounds amazing Maeves part of the site isn't working maybe she's updating or something say hi for me and hope it works tomorrow or later today. I really have nothing else to do. Don't worry I will come back on later say hi to Maevie for me.


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