Jumping on one foot... - Me and Maeve in Asia
Despite what the title might imply I didn't spend the whole of yesterday hopping on one foot...But we did go Island hopping. yesterday morning was spent zooming around on a speedboat, island to island. We went to Pregnant Woman Island which actually looks like a pregnant woman. Here there was a central lake where we swam and it was very nice and there was this weird pondlike thing where you dipped your feet into the water and catfish slimed over your feet aand nibbled them which was cool. We went to Eagle island where we watched the hundreds of eagles feeding. Then we went to an island of which the name can't be certain  where we had a fabulous swim but were kept weary by the bloody monkeys who tried to steal ourbags, one actually jumping on dads bag and tugging at it. Those monkeys are crazy...

Some naan bread, curry and siesta later we found ourselve at Asias largest underwater aquarium where we saw flamingos, standing on one hot pink foot a metre away from me being totally fashion forward and amazing. I love flamingos!!! There were otters, seals, lizards, parrots and of course fish. It was fun and cool and I love this place, It's called Langkowie and it's a chilled back Island. Today we did something that involved me being 60metres ijnthe air, attached to a kite dragging behind a boat but you can read about that in Maevies section... Sorry about lack of photos; maybe tommorow...It's hard to get them onto a computer around here but we'll see.

Lots of love and a couple of one legged poses
10/24/2009 09:58:31

Hi Niamh! Wish I was there... Am pretty hectic at work & with other stuff. Sounds like a great place. Keep the blog up to date as it's great to read about your adventures. Mammy

Holly Howe
10/25/2009 18:39:23

Gossip: La and annie... will she say yes? or will he ever ask?

Weather: was nice and sunny but then turned into a blistering rainy weekend.

Like the pink day. We all get to ware pink accessories to school and there is a pink cake stall. Of course the proceeds go to the brest cancer institue.
Then it's the afternoon where I'll be hanging out with... people... persona...
and it's also JULIE'S BIRTHDAY!!!

10/29/2009 19:16:11

hey niamh,
a few things...
1. when you said 'pregnant woman' a certain manet came to mind.... ask her for the details.
2. my brother is totally obsessed with flamingos too! he even got a little key chain!!
3. I think my parents went to langkowie - they loved it and apparently there were lots of bugs.
4. are you able to reply to comments that we make on your blog??

keep having funny fun
love Bella


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