Maeve bullies Niamh into joining the protest
 We have just come back from a 2 night trip to Taman Negara rainforest which is the oldest rainforest in the world. The trip there was fabulous yet long; a 2 hour bus ride spent sleeping, a 3 hour stop in a small village and then the most enjoyable 3 hour boat ride ever. So smooth and relaxing gliding along the river sitting on the boats floor with scattered pillows surrounding us. We arrived late and after some dinner were too tired to do mucvh so retired to our not-so-fabulous hotel. 2km away from the rivers edge and floating restauraants and 4o ringit each for a tiny room of four bunkbeds and a poky bathroom. Safe to say we didn't stay for the next night. After checking in to our better riverside room with mosquito nets and a 12 ringit per person going rate we went to breakfast in one of the many floating restaurants. Roti for me and Cian, Vegetable omelettes for Maeve ande dad. DElicious. NExt we went walking. This Maeve wasn't too happy about especially when we accidently took the long route to the canopy walkway. The canopy walkway was amazing 40m above the rainforest it was like a really long rope bridge from which you could see everything, we were in the sky once again.

Up in the trees on the canopy walkway
After an amazing experience among the tallest of trees we decided to try our luck on the mountain walk. (We told Maeve it was just a little hill) So we all started climbing happily. It only took a couple of steep parts, Maeve falling over twice for the sit-down protest to begin. This Maeve's favourite part of walks; when she gets to sit down and say "I'm doing a sit-down protest. I'm not moving." They never really work but I think she likes to have a bit of a rest and make a fuss about it. Theres usually imaginary signs and chanting and she sometimes pulls me into the mob. The walk ended at a view point which was really quite spectacular (Maeve doesn't agree). The afternoon was spent rapid shooting which consisted of getting wet while zooming down rapids in a boat. And ended with a great swim at a small stream full of rocky pools and mini waterslides. The next day was an early morning  ride back to KL. Today we fly out to Japan, which is exciting and sad. The site will get a new look and (hopefully) more pictures but we will miss Malaysia. It's been great so all I can say is...

Auntie Orla
11/2/2009 12:34:52 am

Hi Niamh,

I am so enjoying your blog and catching up on your adventures. Your blog is very descriptive and informative while also amusing!!!Look forward to reading about Japan.

Auntie Orla

11/3/2009 02:52:04 pm

Lots of love to you Niamh! Miss you & wish I was there for the fun & shopping & wonderful Japanese culture. Big hug MAMMY

11/6/2009 06:41:27 am

yoyo, yes it is me once more.
Glad you didn't feel sick on this boat ride!

Tell maeve that I have joined her protest (for moral support as My legs get tired easily too) but I am so envious of the sites your seeing!!

Have fun In Japan!
love Bella

Bella (again...)
11/6/2009 06:53:34 am

loving you pictures too!! looks like so much fun... Maeve - traveling round the whole of aisa yet still finds time to play around with her makeup!!

That place where you were all in robes and were walking down the halls and drinking tea and stuff, did you stay there?? looks very interesting!! tell me more!!!

Holly Howe
11/6/2009 07:49:29 pm

Hey Niamh!
Japan looks great!
We got your letters! They are great.

We miss you so much here.
Buy some cloths and look fabulous!
by the way, there are some very pretty shots of you
on this website. Capturing your model side there! Ha,
have fun!

Holly Howe
11/7/2009 01:07:12 pm

I suggest, because it's toykio...
bright colours,
yellow - canary, so a warm undertones.
Blood Orange - look at the drink colour.
Bluey Green- aqua, like really really nice sea water, near the shore. It's a bit more turqiousy though.


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