Last night -or was it this morning?- we arrived in Hanoi after a bumpy and jumpy flight. I was so tired after my constant airsickness and odd security check in Hong Kong where we bizaarly had a stopover and almost missed the plane because of Dad and his shifty looks....But after a bit of running through the airport we made it onto our flight.

Anyway we had a big big big big sleep and woke up lateish with news of Nannys safe arrival home so this was good. We woke to the noise of beeping and shouting, chopping and zooming which seemed rather odd. But after a delicious breakfast and a walk around we realised this was the daily noises heard in Hoian. Dad took us to the lake which is basically dead center of Hoian and this is when we discovvered how central our hotel was! Hoian is a crazy bustling of motorcycles , ladys walk around with baskets weighing 40kilos on there backs in little cone hats. The atmosphere is intense and exciting. We decided to walk across this bridge we had spotted which was really long and very rickety, with plenty of motorbikes speeding around. The only other person on this bridge 9who wasn't on a motorbike) was this lady who we passed who grabbed Cians arm and started walking with us after a bit of pushing and Dad's stern "no" we got her off Cians arm but when we looked behind us she was following us. Of course our first thought was she just happens to be going the same way, but as we left the bridge this was obviously not the case. We walked fast and got rid of her so we were okay and found this teeny weeny allyway which we walked through and found ourselves  outside our hotel!!! This was especially incredible since it is very hard not to get lost in Hanoi. I look behind m and jump, the lady is standing there!!! Dad shakes his head and says "c'mon kids dopn't go into the hotel, we don't want her to know where we live." So we walked away and she followed. I was quite scared at this point (Id never been stalked before...) but we kept walking twisting ourselves through the busy hectic streets of Hanoi trying to rid ourselves but she stuck like glue. We saw a place which looked good for lunch and dived in. We just wanted to escape. We had a delicious lunch and were about to leave when we saw a back exit which we decided to take just in case she'd been waiting. Although this proved good for never seeing her again, we got terribly lost but eventually found our way home. WE had an afternoon siesta and went for some dinner. So far its been great.

hanoi is intense and wild, totally crazy and hectic but I love it here!!!

Dear Galeas,
I caught up by phone with Marcia and was told how brilliant her holiday has been with you. Hope you have a great time in Vietnam. The man with the basket of french bread can be found in what they call the student of teacher area of Hanoi. The pedicab ride through the streets is a lot of fun. There is a lot to see. I do hope you go thru the ChuChi Tunnels and tear thru the Mekong River on a fishtail boat like the ones you rode in Tamen Negara. Also the french food in Vietnam is delicious. look forward to your next report. Love you
Auntie Anne


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