Often the most interesting things are best watched and not performed. This is most likeley the case in the curious food zoo of Beijing. THis is where we ate last night. Live scorpions crawling in the air on the end of skewers, silk worms barbecued, black hairy turantulars, sheep penis, sheep testicles and snake were all on the menu and all on skewers. Rows and rows of stalls selling skewerd EVERYTHING lined the streets. Unfortunateley, although it was amazing to watch, eating the selection there proved less enjoyable. Stall keepers tried to rip off any westener who passed and all the (normal)  meat skewers were undercooked and mediocre. But watching Cian eat a silkworm satay and chicken heart was worth all the dissapointing food!!!

The grossest part was that he loved both silk worm and chicken heart.....
Ick. The day started marvelously with a traditional breakfast of dumplings and rice milk with fried churros style sticks for dipping. We spent the morning walking around the beuatiful lake Hui Ha Ha. Its actually name was  Huiha but dad pronounced it funny and it was hilarious. For lunch we shared an anorexic duck on the lakes edge while we watched live ducks swim by. And then toTHE TEMPLE OF HEAVEN which was great.

Beijing is proving to be wonderful....And  curious
holly Howe
12/1/2009 04:51:23 pm

Sounds like so much fun!
I'm trying to do english, but procrastinating,
making a scrap book... FUN!
making it about myself... not as fun...
Weather: warming up nicely, but we're expecting a cold front to sweep through for a day or two.
No jetty at picnic day apparently, because it's being renevated, (dumb mosman council) and so no jumping off the jetty will happen, much the Manet's delight...

Sounds great, would have liked to hear that someone tried the sheep testical... penis... whichever part... pooft.



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