Okay, so I won't do 2010, but I will write 10. I''ll try to do the best things but I am not sure if i'll remember...

Dodgy internet in Laos + Lots of adventures = Lots of time and little memory

1. Christmas was amazing, we spent it in a small tribal village located right next to a waterfall. After waking at 5am to get on a plane to Tadlo (the village) we arrived and had some breakfast before putting on some swimmers and heading to the waterfall for a christmas day swim. The waterfall was positioned like lots of small waterfalls and little pools (about the size of a swimming pool except with really strong currents) that fell into more waterfalls and more pools until you hit a really huge waterfall maybe 20m high  which flowed into the strong river. So we walked for a while, up and up trying to find the perfect pool. And we did. We had a wonderful day lazing around the waterfalls, lying on large warm rocks and swimming against the current. Making good "spas" with the smaller waterfalls where you clung to a rock and let the water beat against your back before a very different asian style christmas dinner.

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