Happy Birthday to Julie Oguey it's your birthday today!!!!

Sorry about lack of posts lately, I just spent a week in a middle-of-nowhere kind of place where not a lot of computers worked...

Any way, now we are in Kuala Lumpur where we'll be spending a couple of days... It's a big city with a lot of designer knockoffs, real designer items and loads and loads of malls full of English chain stores. Today we had a look around the city we went to the twin towers which are beautiful and this gorgeous old mosque where I had to dress up in a long black robe and colourful headscarf to show respect to the culture. Maeve looked like a super duper fashion forward model.... I looked like a twisted old grandma.

After a long hot walk we found ourselves in a giant mall full of zara, top shop, marks and spencers, the list goes on and on...

If I wanted to go to one of those shops I would of  bought a ticket to  London, not Malaysia. Anyway we  had an ice cream and then headed to the  towers which are  281 niamh's tall. I felt like a giant. Anyway tommorrow we are going on a long long long trip to a rainforest which should be great but I probably won't get to a computer till...Japan!!!!

I can't wait!!! first stop: Tokyo

ps. To read about the picture up above, go to Maeve's blog, Yes I did that!!!!

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Holly Howe

Hellio Niamh.
Gossip: well.. he ha hoo! Let just say that it has alot to do with me... and an action that Manet is most compitent at... ha. Hope you get that...

Weather: Still annoyingly raining and grey! Actually got nice this afternoon. Jacaranda alert!
It sounds like an amazing trip so far, and i am PRETTY jealose may I add...
Remeber: ricordatidi di me? and cian will know si o no, how is Yumi by the way?
Love you lots Niamh!


Missing you lots Niamh! Sounds as if you are not that impressed with KL! I am packing tonight for Melbourne. Flying out at 7.00am & checking in to my hotel in the morning before meeting Jan for lunch in a swish Melbourne Italian place... Really excited as work has been very intense since I came back! Lots of love MAMMY


Hey, I've been to kuala lumpa! I can't remember it though, but theres all these pictures of me in this little white dress surrounded by malaysian women!

todays halloween, just to let you know...


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