Originally I had a long, well written paragraph on Kuching, the city of the cats which we left yesterday for Malaysia. But It didn't save, so I'll just do a quick one.

I really loved Borneo for the food, AMAZING,  the multiculturism and the people. Our hotel was nice and it was just so pretty! Our last day consisted of yummy laksa, Borneo cofee Ice Blended Mochas and Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs which, was hilarious. Highly reccommend it. Thanks Bella for the reccommendation! We were basically killing time, getting to the airport 4 HOURS TOO EARLY and lazing around. Malaysia has been good so far, read about it HERE. We will be in Malaysia for 2 weeks, Then Japan then China...after that I don't Know but I'll find out.

10/19/2009 06:35:38 pm

just had a look at your pictures in 'our adventures' and the one with your dad with no pants on is... well... rather disturbing but at the same time funny!

Also, saw all the calligraphy brushes! cool arn't they??

you can tell which photos you took niamh, in fact, I think you took most of them because they are all artistically laid out and styled...



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