Now we are in Kyoto and are having an amazing time in the truly traditional city...

Our first afternoon was spent in the pleasure district; Gion where the geishas waddle in full traditional dress to and from engagements. Where you can find the most beautiful street in Asia and Maeve squealing about seeing a beautiful geisha girl.

Our second day was spent in a lot of temple looking at the 1001 statues of the 42-armed Kannon and his 28 protector gods all beautifully made and sculpted. Nanny was in a wheelchair as Cian pushed her along and we had a bit of a laugh,
(she doesn't really need a wheelchair) Afterwards Me and Maeve tried our luck at the lucky-dip style fortune telling and were given a protector god charm for long healthy lifes of little misfortune.
Then in the afternoon we went to the "fabric museum" Which was basically a huge beautiful shop (I wasn't complaining) although it would have been nice if they had some kind of museum....

Today began with a cultural stroll through another temple and its surrounding streets which was loveley and brought us to another temple where a Japanese wedding and some kind of childrens ceremony was going on.

Me and Maeve in Geishaland....yes that is us!!!
The wedding was beautiful, The lady had her hair done in a  huge traditional style and was wearing a big flowing white silk kimono...

The children were even more stunning in size 4 kimonos beautifully made with exsquisite fabric and gemmed combs in their hair. My heart honestly melted I just wanted to eat them all up but changed my mind a little later....

When I got to get dressed in the full dress of a typical Maiko (Geisha apprentice). It took an hour of wigs, makeup and tight tight corsets but by the end I was completely beautiful, unrecognisable and ....ASIAN!!!
Infact I was staring Nanny in the face and saying Nanny, nanny yet lokkihng straight at me she said "Where are you Niamh?" I'm here! I giggled and she finally gained slight recognition. It was fabulous I felt like a real Maiko; in pain and loving it.

11/14/2009 07:23:51 am

Quite Asian I might say,
your swap of cultures is
deffenatly (bad spelling)
looking enjoyable!
I an evious!

Question: don't they ware RED for weddings?
or is that China...

11/14/2009 08:34:37 am

Hi Niamh! Mammy here! Sounds like you are having lovely adventures with Nanny. The photos of yourself and Maeve are amazing. Jan is here with me for a few days & says hello. Have started HSC Marking & feeling a bit tired but great to read what you are up to. Big Hug MAMMY

Marie Moylan
11/19/2009 07:40:35 am

Oh Niamh - you look amazing. Did it take long to get the costume fitted? The only time I ever wore a Kimono was when I was in a musical and I was the fat geisha on the right side of the stage...anyway I am jealous of your whole family as I work away in this miserable weather in London. Have a great time! Love Marie

Beattie Boooo
11/20/2009 04:20:44 pm

Thats so cool how you had the makeup done and every thing.
Glad your having fun,
Beattie xo

11/21/2009 09:58:14 am

I was looking at those photo's of you and I didn't even recognise you!!!!! I though you had just taken photo's of some beautiful geisha's!! you both look gorgeous! sounds like you are having a great time!! I saw the photo's of the Blythe Dolls!!!! aaaahhh, im so jelous!
We're all missing you!!!
Lots of love from


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