Remember how I said "Today we are picking up our clothes from the tailor" well, that was 2 days ago and we STILL haven't picked up the stuff. You know why? GETTING CUSTOM MADE CLOTHES IS ADDICTIVE every time we go its "another shirt" and "maybe these in red as well" so that we have 30 things to be made and picked up! Now in my opinion; that's alot. Mum is the worst she wants ths pair of pants in 5 different colours, 3 night dresses, 2 jackets, 2 silk shirts and other bits! I cannot believe the amount of stuff she is getting...

I am only getting to things; a gold silk jumpsuit and a bathing costume which will hopefully be great if we ever get them....

Today the boys rejected us so we went on a bicycle adventure we had a loveley time; tomorrow another adventure awaits,
and more clothes.
aunty orla

Dear Niamh,

Really enjoyed reading your adventures and excited to see your clothes. We got skype now so will organise an online encounter soon

love Auntie orla


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