I have to admit, when Dad told me our last day in Sa Pa would be spent doing a 15km mountain trek i was a little miffed. Not really very happy. Yet 15km later I am smiling ear to ear and typing enthusiastically about this walk.
It wasn't an early start
(thank goodness) so I was able to "sleep in" before some yummo breakfast. We met our guide (most things you do in Sa Pa must with a guide) who was a lovely local lady in traditional clothes and very good english. We packed our bags so we were ready for that night when we would be taken away by a night train back to Hanoi. I wasn't too enthusiastic when we started out but it only takes a bit of that stunning scenery and interesting winding path and you can't help but smile!

So we walked and walked and it is really hard to write how good it was, how fun it was, how amazing it was. We finished in  a small village where we ate lunch and met our driver who took us back to hot showers and free internet. So now we wait and relax till 7:00, when our train comes to whisk us away.

Goodbye sa Pa....

This is truly an amazing place.......

Today I sit in the Hutong hostel, empty stomach and sun shining on me through the window. In an hour and 43 minutes we will be driving to the airport, in 4 and 58 minutes we will be sitting on a plane to Hanoi, Vietnam. Beijing has been wonderful and fancy large promenades and giant cities full of palaces built for one man; The Emperor. Yet now we have to farewell these palaces which seem so ubiquitous but are really quite rare. Its not that I am not super excited to finally go to Vietnam its just that I really like China. We had a great time here like when we took the 20 minute taxi ride to the summer palace. Everyone had corn.

didn't we have corn and where was it coming from?

Cian loves corn, and he was so busy in his determined search for it to take in the detailed paintings of birds on every beam and marbel boats made for empresses who enjoyed watching boats being sailed. All he wanted was this corn. Of course3 we spent our whole visit looking around at the beauty of the Summer Palace but we also spent a hell of a long time looking for some corn. We just wanted one cob. We took on a detective like idea as we calculated how far each person hoing in to the corn was to determine how far the corn seller was away and in which direction they were coming from. And then we found her!!! A lady with beady eyes and a bag full of pale miserable looking corn. We bought one slightly hesitant (we had to buy one, it was a huge deal finding it) and took a bite. It was...

Well pretty gross, I mean seriously how can you make corn taste that bad?

Anyway, we got back and had a big yummy chinese lunch and the ill tasting corn was forgotten.

Today is our 2 month anniversary!!!! I can't believe how quick it has passed. 2 months ago I'd never set foot in Asia. Now I've probably travelled through it more than most.

Did I tell you about Tuesday dumpling night? It's really great. Everyone in the hostel comes together to make 100s (I'm not overexagurating) of dumpling and then eats ALL of them together and it was SO fun!!! Most of the dumplings turned out dishevelled miserable blobs made by Me and Maeve but even these were delicious...

So goodbye China, Happy 2-monthaversary and farewell,

the final question must be:

Which was more important? The Summer Palace or The Corn on the Cob?

Originally I had a long, well written paragraph on Kuching, the city of the cats which we left yesterday for Malaysia. But It didn't save, so I'll just do a quick one.

I really loved Borneo for the food, AMAZING,  the multiculturism and the people. Our hotel was nice and it was just so pretty! Our last day consisted of yummy laksa, Borneo cofee Ice Blended Mochas and Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs which, was hilarious. Highly reccommend it. Thanks Bella for the reccommendation! We were basically killing time, getting to the airport 4 HOURS TOO EARLY and lazing around. Malaysia has been good so far, read about it HERE. We will be in Malaysia for 2 weeks, Then Japan then China...after that I don't Know but I'll find out.