Butterfly kisses to my tutor group... - Me and Maeve in Asia
All my friends and my beloved tutor group are busily learning away at school by now, they're probably in there 3rd or 4th day. Instead I got to go to a butterfly farm about 20km from Gorge Town where there are 1000's of fluttery butterflies everywhere. All different colours surrounding you with prettiness and elegance. A wet and rainy walk took us to see-through t-shirts  and a nice little restaurant where yummy seafood soup was served and swimming costumes put on to avoid wet-t-shirt-syndrome. Another wet walk to a Batik factory where we learnt all about the making of Batik; a beautiful hand dyed and painted coth made of silk or cotton. We got Mummy a special surprise and Cian a nice shirt and Maeve a pretty dress. But before anyone says, "That's unfair, you didn't get anything," Let me tell you about our next destination! The Tropical Spice Garden. Which was like a sanctuary for all kinds of beautiful trees, animals and spices! We saw so much but it's huge, infact it'd spread over 8 acres. We went on all three trails; Ornamental, Jungle, Spice. We got to swing on a peaceful garden swing, marvel at beautiful plants and eat cinnamon. And lemon grass. And other spices. AND CINNAMON! I got to see a cinnamon tree and all these ginger and cloves and...

well, a lot of plants.So I reckon my day was better than any hand drawn and painted shirt, dress or tablecloth....

Well, maybe not tablecloth.
Holly Howe
10/19/2009 20:11:20

Hey hey hey! The monkeys are so funny Niamh!

Hey one thing...

Did they have METER long cinnaman sticks?

Yep... Sydeny has it all.
Gossip: Lg and annie broke up (annie's parting)
Weather: Getting sunny... :D

10/21/2009 19:52:43

Nanny loves your blog but I haven't printed it out for her. Too busy at work. Will do it next week. We love you! Nanny & mammy

Tutor group (moslty Manet)
10/24/2009 18:43:48

Hey neeboo. Well, I read it out to the tutor group... only some people listened- but those who did were amazingly impressed. I can easily say its very different.... its so QUIET!!!

We miss you so much.
make sure you come back soon >:(

bye bye neeby.

10/26/2009 16:44:09

wow, the butterflys sound soooo amazing!
we went to a buterfly thingy on our science excursion last year remember!!!
glad ur having fun.
happy halloween!! (on saterday)
loving you always.

10/29/2009 19:10:05

I got this chocolate recipe book and there are some certain CINNAMON dishes that I have promised myself I will make for you...


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