A ruff angry looking man woke up, to a most spectacular mountain view. We had decided today to rest, to have a little holiday so we slept in, read and had a nice, easy breakfast. After a bit of dazing and dozing we decided to stroll through the village of Sa Pa, in which we were staying.


A man in a stripy top, sat the gruff looking man; with hair everywhere possible on his face, down in a barbers chair in the middle of the street. A cracked mirror hung before us, and plenty of little knifes and razors. He started by giving Dad a careful once over. Over grown eyebrows, badly done choppy haircut, nostril hair and ear hair as well as an unkempt beard and rough face.
He carefully selected a bussing razor and started with the hair (on his head) by the end it was a work of art and he was like an artist at work carefully selecting his paintbrushes and making a few careful strokes before changing brush. the whole thing was so intriguing to watch, to experience.
He was a new man.  Smooth and relaxed and happy. trimmed eyebrows, even haircut, clean ears and beard, soft face...
So we celebrated with an afternoon stroll up a mountain and visited pretty gardens dotted around the mountain and stunning views that accompanied them. There was one which was a bit Alice in Wonderland because to get to it you had to go up a tiny passageway of a path with big rocks to either side of you. Then it came to a dead end. We were very pussled until i carefully looked at the rock next to me....It was a secret low tunnel!!!! We crawled through it and after a bit more of a maze of passageways came to the most stunning view.....

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12/13/2009 04:58:02 pm

good 1 mr Galea!


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