First thing, Do you like the new look?

The colour scheme is inspired by Vietnams strong use of the plant indigo and the colourful peoples. Most of the clothes and fabrics here are dyed to a dark dark blue called Indigo...Even the rice!!!!

Today while walking through a market which was wobbling over a cliff in the mountains and looking at colourful women in traditional dress (as seen on front page) we ate rice wrapped in banana leaves dyed indigo!!!
It was very yummy and pretty to eat, as was our day. And if you havent already guessed, that title image is the indigo rice. So today after a wonderful trip to the market we hopped on a long roofed long boat and sailed down the river and enjoyed the tall mountains around us and the beautiful scenery. It was all very pleasant and now after a hot shower I am typing all about it on the blog for you to read. I got one of the skirts you may see in the pictures which is very pretty.

So we are having a bit of a rest now after a pretty busy day, hope to post soon,



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