Here we are in wonderful Laos where we have been located for 4 days, though for me it feels like only 2 and a half and it kind of has been only 2 and a half. You see in the hotel which we were staying in Luang Prabang Dad and I found we had caught the bug that Maeve and Cian had both had over the week. And we were sick as dogs...

So it wasn't until our second full day that I actually got to see Laos. We started (my) adventure with a visit to a waterfall with aqua blue water and trickling falls, it was beautiful and lovely as was the chicken sandwich I ate in the rickety tuk tuk -sheltered ute style "taxi"- The next day was started with a craft village where women were weaving shawls on the street and people were making paper. It was very interesting to see the wet goo turn into pretty sheets of paper. The day ended with a really nice 1 and a half hour massage for me which was a lavender aromatherapy, it was my first professional massage but won't be the last!!! In between we had a trip to another waterfall where we swam and mum and dad had a  few smoochies...

Did I mention the three adorable puppies who were staying at our hotel? My favourite was a really tiny.... I actually have no idea what it was but I decided to call it Coraline, the others were twin poodles and were also sweeties (but not as cute) While we were waiting for the minibus that would take us on the 6 hour journey to Vien Tien Coraline crawled all over me and annoyed dad. 6 hours later we were in Vien Tien...

NOW LET ME EXPLAIN Vien Tien to you with today.
So after a big breakfast at a bakery we put on some suncream and swimmers and went to hire 5 tubes for the day so we could go tubing. Tubing is when you float down a river in a big inflated rubber tyre. So we got our tubes and took a tuk tuk upstream. We jumped in our tubes floated down the river tall rope swings and deserted clubs all around us. We stopped for a drink but spent 3 hours floating down this river until we got back to town where we had lunch before heading back upstream on the tuk tuk again. It was now 3:00  we got out of the taxi to the sound of screaming whities and loud loud music. All around were young white people swinging over the river, dancing on the riverside clubs, drinking, swimming, jumping, screaming. I lost my shoes while rushing out of the way of a ginger who was swinging on a little flimy string, dangling 20 meters in the air.
Basically Vien Tien is a Hoon town. It is a place to go and drink, party, club dance and be young. Safe to say after a little look at the young hoons, a stop for a drink (at a bar which exclaimed; "WE HAVE PHSYCHADELIC 'SHROOMS" ) we got out of there fast bcause it was a little scary. Interesting but crazy. Vien Tien is a party town it is really hard to emphasize this. Every shop in town is an outdoor bar and every single bar just plays endless reruns of either fre\iends or family guy 24 hours a day. It is incredible.....

Tomorrow is Christmas eve!!! I only discovered this an hour ago... we will be on the road travelling all tomorrow and a bit of christmas day but our main task for christmas is Elephant riding!!!!! I hope you all have a wonderful christmas! I will try to blog a bit but internet is iffy here...

Merry Christmas,
aunty Orla
12/24/2009 07:17:33 pm

Hi Niamh,

Hope you are feeling better how was Xmas . sounds like your having amazing adventures. Love the sound of the elephant ride. Well its Xmas morning here. There was great excitement about Santa. The girls Nial and myself are in Wales with their granny and grandad aunty and uncle and Freddy their 2 half year old nephew. Nearly forgot Winnie their dog. The girls have yet to warm to Winnie as they really dont like dogs but think Winnie will cure that she is gorgous sausage dog. Santa arrived with much elation and screaming they got tinkerbell fairy outfits and lots of games and etcho sketch. They having wonderful time playing with cousins. I have just put on my xmas outfit a purple dress i got in Dunnes. I am going to purple phase at the moment !!!
Girls busy with the games and we are just about to have drinks as neighbours are popping in . Thinking of you all today
love Auntie orla

12/29/2009 11:52:29 am

Hi Niamhy...I am not sure if I have pressed the right buttons to leave a comment...but here goes!
Sounds like a wonderful adventure and such a huge variety of exotic locations. I had a long talk to your nanny and am thrilled by how much you all enjoyed Japan- Hanako couldn't believe it was you in the geisha/maiko make up. I bet you went crazy in Harajuku.
The pictures in Vietnam look fabulous, I can't wait to go there, not to mention Laos. Take care, and thanks for the great write ups- makes very interesting reading- lots of love to the family,
Lucy xx

Beat beat
12/29/2009 01:38:26 pm

aww, its a shame you cant keep the puppy! sounds cute and the massage sounds GREAT!!! xD


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