Welcome to Singapore! - Me and Maeve in Asia
as i drove through Singapore in a taxi that smelt like fried rice it came apparent to me that this was the start of my big Asian adventure! Singapore  is clean and modern but also very different!My hotel is smack bam in the middle of little India, it was quite funny last night i was asleep and then was woken by  a man chanting and telling all the people to go to the temple at three o'clock in the morning! it is my first morning here and i have already had a bit of culture shock!Ithis mornining we went to a really cool mountain trail and all around it are these gorgeouse monkeys AND there are babies too i think i have thousands of pictures of these adorable monkeys so ill try to put them up tommorow! This afternoon i am going to a place called raffles which is a big famous hotel for high tea! so tomorrow i will have lots of stuff to tell you and lots of pictures!
P.s did you know that Singapore is not only a country but also a city! i found this out last night!

P.p.s special thankyou to Scarlet for her lovely and funny comments, i miss you too Scallet!
orla power
10/8/2009 07:18:41

Hi Nimah,

Delighted to read your blog.Its great
to get such a pesonal insight into
your trip and adventures. So keep
blogging p.s post some picutes

xxx Auntie orla

10/8/2009 11:20:08

Hey Maeve how are you singapore must be nice my mum lived there for a while and went there every holidays i think. I got a dog and her name is S'truth and she lives at my mums friends place in Armedale i.e. a lot of bush. My mums friend is called Cambell and she is really nice and crazy. She chose the dog and named it but she is still our (Jackson and me) dog. I am really exited and at the end of the holidays we (our family) will have 2 cats that actually live with us. Miss you heaps Scally

10/8/2009 11:24:17

Hey Maevie thank you very much for my P.P.S. And i am very happy because i am the only one leaving a comment and that shows i care. Because i am scallet. Lova lots scallet

10/9/2009 09:48:56

Hi Maeve,
MISS YOU SO MUCH!! (even though it is still the holidays). I have a blog if
you want to find out what i am doing,
The address is: http://clembubblog.blogspot.com/
Guess what... I got into squad in
swimming (surprisingly) I have always been a really bad swimmer! When we go back to school i bet 5 Blue is going to cheek your blog. I have just been
camping in the pouring rain and wind.
Our tent basically collapsed. I loved to hear what you have been doing in
Singapore. On your next diary entry can you please list all the places your going? I probably will forget straight away but oh-well.
Lots and lots of love Florence.


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