Well its been quite a while and since my last blog post from a month ago(thats pretty embarresing!)And so much has happend; mum joined us again, we arrived in lao and left 2 weeks later after having an unforgetable christmas day, arriving in cambodia and expiriencing joy and sadness after arriving in ho chi minh for an night and taking a short flight to Hue which is were im writing this very post!Welll theres 11 days of this trip left and im excited, sad, happy, regtful. But as of now im still enjoying my adventure but one thing is for sure the count down has started!So i wasv in bed last night thinking and i realized something funny all the citys were visiting in Vietnam start with H! H-H-H-Hanoi, H-H-H-Ho Chi Minh, H-H-H-Hue, H-H-H-Hoi an!Today we (being me, niamh and Cian) did a vietnamese cooking course and after we made everything we got to eat it and now im as stuffed as a rabbit,("as stuffed as a rabbit?" dad said,"thats not even a saying maeve!")

Auntie Linda

Happy New Year little Maeve-ey/Baldy Davis! I love reading of your colourful adventures & looking at your colourful photos! It seems like you are all having the times of your lives ......Thank you for your lovely letter from Laos!
I asked your Mammy to give you all 30 Aussie Dollars from me for Christmas &
hope you can find something in Vietnam which you like with it! xxxxx


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