The last couple of days have been exciting, relaxing andfun but as write this on an old slow computer at 8:26am i feel a bit sad!although thank god the flight was delayed 3 hours!Langkawi is a magical place that i will always remember for more reasons then 1, my first time paragliding,the kind people, and one other reason but i don't wanna sound shalow, (oh well!) a really fab tan!but be4 i start crying i will update you of the last few days!So it was in the afternoon at the beach whene dad came down and told us to go 2 the car.the car? Finally we realised that he had rented a car! We were excited 2 see what it was but were suprised and worried whene we came out to see a tiny, tiny., tiny weenny little silver car!Cian and dad got in the front,(LUCKY) while me and Niamh had a hard time squishing in 2gether at the back!once we were esembled Cian took on the role as navigator and I was actually impressed as we got 2 the wate fall!@ the water fall there were MONKEYS!lots of them!And i hate monkeys now!These monkeyeys look cute but there viscious, scary and mean!So we were walking to the waterfall surronded by little beady eyes waching our every move!once arrived we found this waterfall compleate with a natural water slide!!!It was amaizing fun and very cool!soon after we left with cocnuts in our hands sipping out coconut milk with a straw!Soon we arerived at the cable cars.They were fab and very,very high, at one point we were going straight up a mountain while Cian recalled a sene in "Jarrasic Park" were they were doing the same thing except a dinosaur came and ate them or something!whene we got to the top it was amaizing!I was actually in a cloud!so that was one day hope you enjoyed my little recall of the day.
Lots Of Love,
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