So long Shanghi, an over night train taking us to Beijing - Me and Maeve in Asia

Well its 5:03pm here in Shanghi and After a day of full on shopping in an underground market im "Rooted" as daddy says!!!So once again to fairwell a place me,Nanny and Niamh went shopping.... once again!!!And you wont believe this, I only have $9 australian dollars left in my budget!!! I know!!! Did you nkow i'v spent $214 dollars and i'v only been away for less than 2 months!!!I probably shouldnt have wrote that in case my parents read this and am contemplating deleteing the previous sentence, sorry mum!!!!So today i bought some sample mark jacob ballet flats and because there sample it means their real!!So thats cool and i really like them!!!I also bought a "Winnie The Pooh" tote which i adore and is now my rmain suitcase because Niamh wanted my roley bag!!!Its really cute and it's cool because its a "Winnie The Pooh" tote, so i wont get that in Australia, or mabey i will, anyway i really like it!!!We litrally Shopped till we dropped and im pretty tierd!!!
Tonight at 9 were pulling out of Shanghi station wich will dock into beijing station in the early morning!!!Although I like Shanghi i'm not as atached to it as other places we'v been!!!I guess we came at an awkward time as right now Shanghi is like a great big construction sight, and we havn't really been here long enough to get the full expirience but despite of all that i do like it, there are some things im going to have to say im not going to miss about this place like the traffic, as i explained in my last blog entry and some of the habits the Chinese have, although im guessing there will be more of where that came from in Beijing!!!So yeah!!
Bye Shanghi,
                     and thanks for keeping it intresting,
                                                                                 Lots of love to my readers


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