Sayonara= Good bye
Nihou= hello (I dont think you spell it like that though!!!)

So if you havent already guessed yesterday morning we flew from Osaka to Shang Hi. I was really sad leaving Japan but dont doubt that was my last visit there!!!The land of well dressed people, technology and kindness touched my heart and i think it truley is one of my faverouite places in the world, it is a fabulouse melting pot of the old and the new and i will make sure im there again!!!
Five things I love about japan!!!(if you let me list them all we would be here all day!)

1.The kind, polite, fashionable people of Japan!!!
2.The Onsen, we are seriously thinking about putting one in our house!!!
3.The shopping, Harajuku has changed the way i look at clothes!!!
4.Futons,green tea and yukatas, all of wich i want in my room(i already bought a yukata!)
5.FOOD, my faverouite food in the world is from Japan so when i was there natrually i was in heaven!!!

But Japan is a thing of the past and now all new adventures lie in China, specifically Shang Hi and Beiging!!!!

Today was my first full day in china and it was very good but there are a few things i'v noticed in the last 38 hours i'v been here!!!

1. The trafic here is unbeleivable! they never stop at a red light and you think your going to be ran over!!!Even at a crossing where the green man is clearly visable!!!!
2.The Chinese have a terrible habbit of collecting spit in there mouth and then spitting on the footpath in quite a violant way.
3.The food here is AMAIZING and theres alot of it!
4.Were staying in the french connsecion wich has some beutiful old buildings  but is nothing like France and is just as caotic as the rest of shang Hi!
5.No one speaks english so yesterday whene we were ordering lunch dad had to walk around the reastraunt pointing at other peoples meals and then holding up his fingers to show how many of each type he wanted!
6.They are giving Shang Hi a 53 bilion dollar renavation for next years world expo that they are hosting (BTW thats way more than they spent on the olyimpics!)
7.ALSO people had told me that China was going to be freezing but guess what, they were wrong or mabey its just having a heat wave but what ever it is i wish i hadnt worn FIVE (and im not joking) layers today because all day i was sweating up and now i really smell, wich by the way Niamh dosn't fail to reminnd me but dont worry once i got home i had a long shower (or did i?) no i did and now i dont smell (or do i?) I hope not!!!!

But i like china, There just trying to keep things intresting with there roads and even though they may as well not be there as every body ignores them any way there are police people at every crossing even though there part of the problem, (yesterday i saw a police car driving on the foot path, YES the FOOTPATH!!!Oh yeah Niamh spent ages trying to think of the colous scheme for China and she chose nutral colurs, greys, browns, whites and accents of red and gold!!!Nice one Niamh, seriouslyi like that idea, do you?
Well by now your probably board so im going now,
Lots of love


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