Arrived in a rainy KL at 4:00 yesterday after the flight was delayed 3 hours!2day We went exploring and went and saw the twin towers!After 2 much walking in the rain there was only 1 thing that could'v cheered me up and that was a Knock-off "Louis Vuitton"walet!And the best thing is it was only $10!!!!Talking off shopping ill tell you my wish list!
#1. An amaizing fully hand beaded collar         CHECK
#2. A Knock-off wallet                                    CHECK

#3. A fully equipped crazy Asian makeup kit   
Knock-off  tote,Louis Vuitton
#5.Harajuku clothes!

4 all these wishes  to come true I need more money!!!Hopefully Mammy and daddy  will be  feeling generous this Christmas!
Love you Lots,
Yes you!


10/28/2009 07:54:53 pm

Your wallet sounds good! Miss you & love you lots. Heading to Melbourne tomorrow! looking forward to that.... I've been really busy at work with the registration being on this week. LOVE YOU MY LITTLE P! Mammy (Sending you big kisses and snuggles)

10/29/2009 05:29:55 pm

Hi Maevie,
My mum is in Texas!! (yee-hah) On wednesday last week (school day) my mum gave me a surprise trip to Melobourne!!!
(1 night)to see the Pompeii exhibition!
Posh hotel. It was really funny because out of all the people in the world we bumped into one of mums best friends!
Love your blog, love the pics even more.
If i was there i would give you 100 dollars for shoppping.
Luv ya, Florence!

Auntie Orla
10/29/2009 10:30:51 pm

Hi Maeve,

Really enjoying reading your blog and catching up on your adventures. Still keeping up with the fashion when travelling. Might me able to send you couple of dollars for xmas.


Jesse Galea
11/5/2009 04:21:00 pm

Hi Maeve,
What about that wish list! Your gonna need to be extra good and more to pull it off. I hope you are having a good time wherever you maybe and look after your brother, sister and especially the big man.
cya soon


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