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Hello my lovelys!!!

So sorry that i have not been posting lately, but have been too busy and Cian and Niamh hog the computers. Can you believe Ive been in japan 2 weeks now, and only 2 weeks ago in malaysia, whioch feels like 100 million years ago. We have just arrived in kyoto, after spending a week and a half in Tokyo. Firstly, I will tell you about my time in Tokyo later on but i have more recent exciting news!!!
Today after an early morning walk around Kyoto we decided that it was time to do a once in a life time expirience!!!We went to a geisha house were they dress you up in the traditional costumes complete with makeup ang wig!!! It was the best fun!!!!In the morning dad made a resevation for two oclock!!!so we rocked up at ten past dew to a terrible taxi journey were the driver had no idea were we were going and in result we were late!!!anyway when we finally came in me Niamh and Cian were each given a baby pink gown and traditional socks to change into once we did that me and Niamh were led upstarirs wich was were we piked the kimono we wanted rto wear, there was a wide selection and once i chose my brigt yellow one they put a reserved sign on!!!Then washed our faces and a nice lady put a hairnet on us, soon after the lady ushered Niamhy to the makeup stool were they started putting white paint all over her back and face!! Once all her makeup was done she truely looked like a different person!!!then it was my turn the same white painty stuff was spread around my back and face and my lips painted bright red!!!My eyebrows were red and black and if i dont say so my self i looked pretty cool!!!then a lady took me into a room were my kimono was waiting for me!They seriously put seven layers on then there was a belt that was soo tight i almost fainted at first!!!Straight after they bought out a big HEAVY blach wig with decorations coming out of it!!!I  about a million photos later and lots of fun!!!

11/14/2009 08:37:48

You do look amazing! WOW! What a wonderful time you are having. Had a bit of a sad day this week & I needed to talk to Doctor Apples my counsellor & MISSED YOU LOTS!! I'm ok again now & Jan has been staying for a few days. BIG HUGS!! MAMMY

Marie Moylan
11/19/2009 07:31:13

marie moylan
11/19/2009 07:33:51

Hi Maeve

Sorry about earlier effort..accidentally hit button before I got to write. The colour of all your pics and text fabulous! I love your geisha photo I would never have guessed it was you in a million years. Have loads of fun and think of me in London in the cold and wet....boo hoo!

Love Marie Moylan

Marie Moylan
11/19/2009 07:36:23

Really having problems with my laptop or I am the problem!! Trying to say I LOVE your photo as Geisha...I am here in the cold and wet in London but delighted with your colourful blog. Have a great time Love Marie Moylan


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