I am really looking forward to going home seeing all my friends and family sleeping in my own bed (with my 100%  silk covers - Courtesy of Beijing!I will right my last blog post whene i land in Sydney the day after tomorrow!

Lots of love,

Auntie Anne

I am so sorry that the travel stories are at an end. I have enjoyed reading of your experiences in Asia as I have been many times to the places that you have visited. The photographs were fun and I am glad you saw the hill tribe people. You know the Meo Hill tribe people do not bathe from buddist new year where they get a new set of clothes until the following year as if you wash you let in the demons. It was also fun hearing about your experience with the tailors. Should you go, Mexico is great especially the train journey thru the Copper Canyon. It is backward as Asia. So if you need a break from this way of living I highly recommend camping across Canada and seeing the Rockies. My love to you all and welcome home travelling Galeas...xxx Anne

Greta Kerr

Hey Maeve! Ur trip sounds great and i am so jealous! Thanks for coming over! from Greta xoxo


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