Well here i am sitting at the same computer i started at those four long months ago! Me dad and Cian Flew into Sydney airport at 6:30 this morning and mum and Niamh should be back later this afternoon!Well this is it!I really cant believe it! So now im unpacking my life!The flight was very plesant (We were on the double-decker plane wich was cool and after a smothe arival i was still in shock!Our last day was spent electronic buying in Singapore!On this trip my dad foud he had a  passion for photography and as a birthday present to himself  he bought a nice proffesional camera, my mum has been nagging for an iphone since christmas and dad finally decided to make all her dreams cone true!Yes my mother is now the proud owner of an iphone!Then a quick stop in Yumcha and then to the airport were Niamh and mum spent a small fortune on face cream,perfume, makeup in duty free to make up for there dreaded 8 hour stop over in Perth (im sure Niamh will inform you of how seriously boring that was!) It really has been an expirence and i feel better off for it, Last night dad and Mum were already talking about the next holiday "Oh, maybe Mexico, the kids haven't been to north America yet!" Exclaimed my over the top mother!Hm........Mexico got a nice ring to it, we'l see, (hehehe concocting my evil plan!)So thankyou for reading its been alot of fun!From the sit down protests in Mylasia and Borneo to the to the secret shopping sprees in Harajuku (Shh) to making dumplings with all the lovley friends we made in Beiging and then on to Hanoi the Hustling bustling city that it is was an inspiring place for someone with a strong character and stomach!Lao the 20 somethings perfect party place and cambodia with its sad history but interesting and beutiful culture back to Vietnam were we enjoyed all the south had to offer from food to history to culture and of course FASHION!Home sweet home at last!In a few days i will return back to school to see all my friends who said theyd read this blog but never got around to it(well at least some of them bothered to check in!)Oh well.....


                     And for the last time!

                                                               lots of love,


     Do you remember "Tina L" and her friend?....................

                                   When i thought nobody was reading my blog i wrote myself a comment and pretended that my name was Tina L!Hehehe....................................(i know its actu
Aunty Orla

Hi Maeve,

Just to let you know I really enjoyed reading your blog and reading about all your adventures and now I would love to visit Asia it sounds so interesting.

Nial got new laptop from his parents so
we can now skype to each other will set it up so we can see each other soon and you can tell me all about your adventures orla


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