As i hoped into a taxi at 4:30am after the overnight train from Sa Pa to Hanoi had an early arrival just like the city itself i was still asleep.Some citys sleep at night, some never rest, and some occasionaly doze off for a few hours.After seeing Hanoi in the light of day with unbelieveable traffic and no lie is about 100 million motorbikes its hard to bellive that as you drove through that its the same place, Unlike Tokyo a place where the streets are allive for 24 hours Hanoi needs a good few hours for a rest, and its compleatly different to Kuching in borneo where its just dozes off for a little nap!Any how at a quater to 5 we arrived at the city gates and i sleeply walked with my suitcase rolling  behind me until i came to a gate and my little face fell, the doors were locked and all the lights were off and i was afraid that i was going to sleep on the sreet that night, but luckly two of the boys sleep on mats in the lobby at night so we made enough nose for them to come let us in and give us the room key and in less than10 minutes i was lieing on the bed asleep with niamh and cian squashed against me on the big double bed we shared that night because a four person room wasnt ready for us yet!So were back in hanoi and in 2 days my mummy will be here to enjoy her holiday with all of us!
Lots of love,
Dear my wonderful friends and family.............

Hello everyone. After  3 or 4 days in he hectic Hanoi we escaped to the beautiful hill side retreat of Sa pa, Sa pa is what some would call rural Vietnam as it is home to more than 100 villages and 70 or so different tribes. Sa pa is were the tourists stay and all around it are the different tribal villages!all the different tribes have there own dialect of Vietnamese!They also have the special costumes that are beautiful!We have already bought more things than we should'v and are expected to by more!Today on are way to explore a village when we met a nine year old girl with her friend who was fifty and a younger girl about 20 they were all very friendly and spoke good English and they were like are own personal tour guides, they wore the costumes and looked amazing (I'm not even joking i was really jealous and am so buying a bag in the material that they wear)(also they make all the things they wear!)  and at the end we bought some of the stuff they were selling from the basket on there back!It definitively was an experience!
Lots of love,

     Special shout out to Tina L for her great comments!
well Beijing was grate but its time to put the past behind and look forward to the next six weeks of my life!the trip is coming and going so fast and so slow at the same time, i guess its another case of same same but different! There are so many things i have to say about Hanoi its almost difficult!Actually im finding it so difficult im almost ready to delete this post and never turn back but wheres the fun in that? Im really tiered and Niamh and Cian are starting to get on my nerves, but im as cool as a cucumber although i have my moments and some times i just want to go home and relax because although im really enjoying all this travling its very sressful and tiring!Especcialy in Hanoi as there are no rules and its way,way,way worse than Shanghi!!!every second you have to be aware of your self or you'l get run over by a motor bike!!!
Am super tiered,
Love you lots,