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Arrived in a rainy KL at 4:00 yesterday after the flight was delayed 3 hours!2day We went exploring and went and saw the twin towers!After 2 much walking in the rain there was only 1 thing that could'v cheered me up and that was a Knock-off "Louis Vuitton"walet!And the best thing is it was only $10!!!!Talking off shopping ill tell you my wish list!
#1. An amaizing fully hand beaded collar         CHECK
#2. A Knock-off wallet                                    CHECK

#3. A fully equipped crazy Asian makeup kit   
Knock-off  tote,Louis Vuitton
#5.Harajuku clothes!

4 all these wishes  to come true I need more money!!!Hopefully Mammy and daddy  will be  feeling generous this Christmas!
Love you Lots,
Yes you!


The last couple of days have been exciting, relaxing andfun but as write this on an old slow computer at 8:26am i feel a bit sad!although thank god the flight was delayed 3 hours!Langkawi is a magical place that i will always remember for more reasons then 1, my first time paragliding,the kind people, and one other reason but i don't wanna sound shalow, (oh well!) a really fab tan!but be4 i start crying i will update you of the last few days!So it was in the afternoon at the beach whene dad came down and told us to go 2 the car.the car? Finally we realised that he had rented a car! We were excited 2 see what it was but were suprised and worried whene we came out to see a tiny, tiny., tiny weenny little silver car!Cian and dad got in the front,(LUCKY) while me and Niamh had a hard time squishing in 2gether at the back!once we were esembled Cian took on the role as navigator and I was actually impressed as we got 2 the wate fall!@ the water fall there were MONKEYS!lots of them!And i hate monkeys now!These monkeyeys look cute but there viscious, scary and mean!So we were walking to the waterfall surronded by little beady eyes waching our every move!once arrived we found this waterfall compleate with a natural water slide!!!It was amaizing fun and very cool!soon after we left with cocnuts in our hands sipping out coconut milk with a straw!Soon we arerived at the cable cars.They were fab and very,very high, at one point we were going straight up a mountain while Cian recalled a sene in "Jarrasic Park" were they were doing the same thing except a dinosaur came and ate them or something!whene we got to the top it was amaizing!I was actually in a cloud!so that was one day hope you enjoyed my little recall of the day.
Lots Of Love,
P.s im really sorry i dont reply to all ur coments, i cant!but i can tell you i love reading them so keep leaving them!
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2day we had a beach day!I started the day with a swim in the beach next door!It was refreshing and relaxing (apart from the sea lice wich kept nipping me!)and excactly what i needed complete with a beach chair, the sun on my back  and my new book "Confessions of a shopaholic"So i was pretty content!but after lunch we headed down to the other beach, were dad made my dreams come true he told me Niamh and Cian that we can go paragliding so nattrully i was buzz ing with excitement!It was the best fun!My faverouite part was whene i was being lifted up from the beach and i was 70 meters in the air but my least favourite part was whene you were coming down and the men were running around trying to catch you so you wouldnt crash down on the sand and brake both legs! It was  amaizing!!!!!!I will try to put up some pics dad took of me!So until next time,
Love you lots
I will only give you a brief overview seeing as 2day i was super lazy!we caught the Ferry at 8:00am to the island of Langkawi(lan-cow-e) once arrived got a bite to eat amd caught a taxi to our hostel (compleate with 3 friendly dogs!) then we went for a walk 2 the beach for a qick game of soccer! then we lazed around!!!Sorry for booooooooooooooooooooring you! But Niamh insisted i write for 2day!
2morrow dad has a few adventures planned so we should have some exciting news!
Lots of love
As we drove through  a strange and unfamiliar city like nothing i had seen before i was intriged!Although Penang is no were near as good as Kuching in all aspects(as i found out last night when i tried penang laksa(yuk!))it dose have a certain charm to it as i found out the next morning whene we went exploring;) As we walked through the streets and came apon a chinese temple with 10 giant incense sticks burnbing out side it with people bustling around!As we walked by a cage crammed with birds(really quite sad it was vvery crule i think there were more than 200 birds cramed in a small cage) a  man aproached us and told us to bye a bird and set it free daddy said naaa and we entered the church! After the full cultural expiriance of buying a bird and setting it free we started to move on when the man that had approached us earlier noticed i had 1 ringit in my hand he started shoveing his hand in my face telling me to give him to give him the money which in a moment of weakness I did after caving into pressure it was horrible and even though it was just one ringit which is less than 20 cents it was the fact i was taken advantage of! But it was a good lesson to learn;)after that we wondered a bit more and then after finding out there was a Raffles in Penang me and Niamh went to High tea! It was fabulose!We were treated like royalty! We each got one of each type of perfect tiny desserts, and two types of gorgeous scones(commpleate with jam and cream of course!)and tiny finger sandwiches!It was lovely!2morro morning we are tacking a boat to the island of Langkawi(lan-cow-e)Will update blog whene I get there!
Lots of love
P.s if my class hapens 2 be reading this, hello every body! I miss you all! hope to here from you soon!
Today i went kayaking! Last night dad made sure we went to bed early so we wouldn't be tiered for the action filled days but i didn't get a wink of sleep last  night due to 2 different reasons my mummy had just left us because she had to fly back to Sydney to complete the  school year and i was sad, and that there is a some type of Chinese festival a block away were they play music really loud till 12 o'clock and you should here some of the singing! They have terrible music blasting so everyone in Kuching can here them!So today I was very tiered but still woke up at seven(which killed me) had a piece of toast and waited till the people picked us up, 30 minutes after the mini bus arrived and took us for an hour drive to the start of our kayaking trip! I was in a two man canoe with dad and Niamh and Cian shared a canoe and our guide had his own! We started with some easy stuff and there were a few little rapids along the way it was fun but i have to say i did about 2 strokes every hour and dad did about 2000 so I wasn't a very good kayaking partner (mind you dad wouldn't stop reminding me but i couldn't disagree!) After about an hour we stopped at this little village were they grew all there fruit and i saw lots of pineapple bushes and even tried some local pineapple which was the best i had ever tasted!After  exploring the village we continued our journey down stream, Soon after it started raining so we headed to our lunch destination(which BTW  was this cute little housy thing full of these gorgeous kittens!)After lunch and a few to many wild guava fruits we got back into the canoes and kept going soon after we stopped for a swim and a little play which was fun we made boats and tried to sail them down the river( I wasn't very successful!)And that was pretty much it, it was really fun!Tonight is my last night here, i fly out tomorrow which is a bit sad but i am excited aswell!
so please leav comments,
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P.s if you want to here all about all my adventures in Bako national park read Niamhs blog!

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ahhhh!Beautiful Borneo, (I would like to apologize for my absence but when there's a war for the hotel computer and your the youngest guest at the place you usually get the short straw!) I loooooooooooooove Borneo its tropical and exciting! whene we drove through the streets in a taxi with an insane driver at 11 o'clock and i was falling asleep i took one look out the window and decided i was misrable but its taken me only a few short days and 3 beautiful  laksas i love for me to realise this place is super cool! My new favourite food is called a laksa and is really yummy but not to everyones tasting ie; weird people! but i love it! so the first day we just explored and that was great because its so different around here!which was fun but it is so hot i litreally thought i was a bout to faint and then i did, HA,HA,HA just joking!And we saw this gigantic orangutang, (150 kg which is more than my dad weighs, hard to believe i know!and thern we visited some museums crashed a resort all the usual stuff, and yesterday we went to this cultural vilage!it was really cool there were all the mylay tribes and there is this one called iban and there men used tobe called the head hunters and all throught there long houses are these discustig shriveld up old heads, REAL! i know i was shoked to! and i absolutly love everything in that cultural village from the food to the amaizing show held at the end! and there were demos for 1 ringit on things like how to dance and my brother had a go at using the blow dart! it was cool!
im excited because in about an hour i will go shopping in the weekend markets!There sposed to be amaizing! so thats it for now and if you wernet saticfied with my basic over view please go to my sisters page and knock yourself out with detail! keep reading and see you next time on maeves adventures in asia!

as i drove through Singapore in a taxi that smelt like fried rice it came apparent to me that this was the start of my big Asian adventure! Singapore  is clean and modern but also very different!My hotel is smack bam in the middle of little India, it was quite funny last night i was asleep and then was woken by  a man chanting and telling all the people to go to the temple at three o'clock in the morning! it is my first morning here and i have already had a bit of culture shock!Ithis mornining we went to a really cool mountain trail and all around it are these gorgeouse monkeys AND there are babies too i think i have thousands of pictures of these adorable monkeys so ill try to put them up tommorow! This afternoon i am going to a place called raffles which is a big famous hotel for high tea! so tomorrow i will have lots of stuff to tell you and lots of pictures!
P.s did you know that Singapore is not only a country but also a city! i found this out last night!

P.p.s special thankyou to Scarlet for her lovely and funny comments, i miss you too Scallet!