As we drove through  a strange and unfamiliar city like nothing i had seen before i was intriged!Although Penang is no were near as good as Kuching in all aspects(as i found out last night when i tried penang laksa(yuk!))it dose have a certain charm to it as i found out the next morning whene we went exploring;) As we walked through the streets and came apon a chinese temple with 10 giant incense sticks burnbing out side it with people bustling around!As we walked by a cage crammed with birds(really quite sad it was vvery crule i think there were more than 200 birds cramed in a small cage) a  man aproached us and told us to bye a bird and set it free daddy said naaa and we entered the church! After the full cultural expiriance of buying a bird and setting it free we started to move on when the man that had approached us earlier noticed i had 1 ringit in my hand he started shoveing his hand in my face telling me to give him to give him the money which in a moment of weakness I did after caving into pressure it was horrible and even though it was just one ringit which is less than 20 cents it was the fact i was taken advantage of! But it was a good lesson to learn;)after that we wondered a bit more and then after finding out there was a Raffles in Penang me and Niamh went to High tea! It was fabulose!We were treated like royalty! We each got one of each type of perfect tiny desserts, and two types of gorgeous scones(commpleate with jam and cream of course!)and tiny finger sandwiches!It was lovely!2morro morning we are tacking a boat to the island of Langkawi(lan-cow-e)Will update blog whene I get there!
Lots of love
P.s if my class hapens 2 be reading this, hello every body! I miss you all! hope to here from you soon!
10/18/2009 22:16:23

this is so good, well done. looks like your having so much fun. im jealous!! keep having fun. xxxxxx

10/19/2009 14:46:06

Hey Maevie i am sorry i couldn't talk to you for a while it is just i have been at my farm and today is the second day back at school. I hope you can keep putting pictures on the blog. Speaking of which i have got a hair cut. It is really short.


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