a day at sea!(actually more like rivers!) - Me and Maeve in Asia
Today i went kayaking! Last night dad made sure we went to bed early so we wouldn't be tiered for the action filled days but i didn't get a wink of sleep last  night due to 2 different reasons my mummy had just left us because she had to fly back to Sydney to complete the  school year and i was sad, and that there is a some type of Chinese festival a block away were they play music really loud till 12 o'clock and you should here some of the singing! They have terrible music blasting so everyone in Kuching can here them!So today I was very tiered but still woke up at seven(which killed me) had a piece of toast and waited till the people picked us up, 30 minutes after the mini bus arrived and took us for an hour drive to the start of our kayaking trip! I was in a two man canoe with dad and Niamh and Cian shared a canoe and our guide had his own! We started with some easy stuff and there were a few little rapids along the way it was fun but i have to say i did about 2 strokes every hour and dad did about 2000 so I wasn't a very good kayaking partner (mind you dad wouldn't stop reminding me but i couldn't disagree!) After about an hour we stopped at this little village were they grew all there fruit and i saw lots of pineapple bushes and even tried some local pineapple which was the best i had ever tasted!After  exploring the village we continued our journey down stream, Soon after it started raining so we headed to our lunch destination(which BTW  was this cute little housy thing full of these gorgeous kittens!)After lunch and a few to many wild guava fruits we got back into the canoes and kept going soon after we stopped for a swim and a little play which was fun we made boats and tried to sail them down the river( I wasn't very successful!)And that was pretty much it, it was really fun!Tonight is my last night here, i fly out tomorrow which is a bit sad but i am excited aswell!
so please leav comments,
                                       i love you all lots,
P.s if you want to here all about all my adventures in Bako national park read Niamhs blog!

P.p.s we have a gallery now! chech it out!
10/17/2009 15:17:09

Hi Maeve,
I looked at the Gallery it has awesome pictures. I can't wait till you come
back. BTW school starts tomorrow :(
You are so lucky. Lucky, lucky you!
Love Florence......MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!!


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