a brief overview........ - Me and Maeve in Asia
I will only give you a brief overview seeing as 2day i was super lazy!we caught the Ferry at 8:00am to the island of Langkawi(lan-cow-e) once arrived got a bite to eat amd caught a taxi to our hostel (compleate with 3 friendly dogs!) then we went for a walk 2 the beach for a qick game of soccer! then we lazed around!!!Sorry for booooooooooooooooooooring you! But Niamh insisted i write for 2day!
2morrow dad has a few adventures planned so we should have some exciting news!
Lots of love
10/21/2009 17:01:51

I am surprised that you haven't had another lazy day because i am usually officiant at the start of the trip but then i get lazy and don't finish. Where re you having Halloween and are you going to celebrate it?

10/21/2009 19:51:22

Nanny & I visited the blog & nanny loves it. I will have to print it off for her. We send our love! Mammy


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