After a 10 hour bus ride from Cambodia to Ho Chi Mihn city in Vietnam; named after the father of Vietnam- Ho Chi Mihn we were very tired (being told that the journey will take 2 hours longer than planned WHILE crossing borders is stressful to say the least) we had 4 hours sleeping time befor waking at 3am to catch a plane to Hue (Pronounced Hway) which was not aloud to LAND in Hue due to bad weather so we had to keep flying around for a while till the weather improveed (remember it is 5am in the morning) so that when we FINALLY arrived in Hue we were all very grumpy.

ter a long long sleep we woke to the misty sun and quiet atmosphere of Hue -a sleepy city is nice for just walking around and watching all the interesting things go by- and got ready for a cooking class Me and Maeve (and Cian) were to do this morning.

The class started with a trip to the locals market where we bought lots of fresh produce; meat, shrimps, herbs and veg. It was really interesting and a little gross but very mouthwatering all at the same time!!! When we got back to the kitchen recipe books and fry pans, oils and lots and lots of veggies were all chopped up for us and ready to go.

We started with a pancake stuffed with pork, shrimp, mushroom, carrot and other yummies which was difficult because you had to flip it without letting anything fall out! When we finally did and started eating wide grins spread over all our faces. The pancakes were (pretty ugly but) absoluteley delicious. it didn't take us long to finish them off and get stuck in to rolling and frying fresh and fried spring rolls which were also amazing. We even let Mum and Dad try some of these and gave them a bowl of our beef noodle soup too because we were so full. All of it was gastronomical and I can't wait to make it for Mum, Dad and Nanny when we get home. nanny is always getting mad at me because I only cook cakes but i will now be able to prove her wrong...

Mu Ha Sha.....


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