Beautiful Borneo 10/10/2009

ahhhh!Beautiful Borneo, (I would like to apologize for my absence but when there's a war for the hotel computer and your the youngest guest at the place you usually get the short straw!) I loooooooooooooove Borneo its tropical and exciting! whene we drove through the streets in a taxi with an insane driver at 11 o'clock and i was falling asleep i took one look out the window and decided i was misrable but its taken me only a few short days and 3 beautiful  laksas i love for me to realise this place is super cool! My new favourite food is called a laksa and is really yummy but not to everyones tasting ie; weird people! but i love it! so the first day we just explored and that was great because its so different around here!which was fun but it is so hot i litreally thought i was a bout to faint and then i did, HA,HA,HA just joking!And we saw this gigantic orangutang, (150 kg which is more than my dad weighs, hard to believe i know!and thern we visited some museums crashed a resort all the usual stuff, and yesterday we went to this cultural vilage!it was really cool there were all the mylay tribes and there is this one called iban and there men used tobe called the head hunters and all throught there long houses are these discustig shriveld up old heads, REAL! i know i was shoked to! and i absolutly love everything in that cultural village from the food to the amaizing show held at the end! and there were demos for 1 ringit on things like how to dance and my brother had a go at using the blow dart! it was cool!
im excited because in about an hour i will go shopping in the weekend markets!There sposed to be amaizing! so thats it for now and if you wernet saticfied with my basic over view please go to my sisters page and knock yourself out with detail! keep reading and see you next time on maeves adventures in asia!



Auntie Linda

Sun, 11 Oct 2009 13:01:01

Hi Maeve and Niamh, I love reading your blog and hearing about your adventures in Asia....You guys are great! Love you lots and lots....xxxx



Thu, 15 Oct 2009 08:30:41

I miss u sooo.... much my little sausage. I just keep thinking about hugs & snuggles. I hope u update the blog LOTS because it's a way of keeping up with where my sausage is & what she is thinking. Big Snuggles MAMMY



Thu, 15 Oct 2009 16:50:04

hi maeve
i really think your blog is so cool. i wish i was there to but guess what i got glasses and i'm getting braces too B.T.W.what dose laska taste like but i shoud know because my mum ate it when i was in her tummy .

from clem

P.S.have a great time



Tue, 20 Oct 2009 01:01:51

Hi Maeve!! Sounds like your trip has been AMAZING so Far! that picture with you, cian and Niamh is so funny!! you all look like plastics!!

tons of love, Bella xoxox


Holly Howe

Tue, 20 Oct 2009 03:21:28

Hey maeve,
Just commenting on the photo.
You all look super shiny. Like barbie!
no... much bigger then a barbie.



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